The expression “Charity pulls people out of the river, Justice jumps in, 
swims up stream and stops the people throwing them in” certainly connects to war against women. While Charity attempts to deal with the short term, Justice takes a longitudinal approach to addressing the root causes of personal and social problems. This expression succinctly captures the essence of the Charity types outside abortion clinics who offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds, free prenatal care and baby showers. It is the Charity-minded, curbside anti abortion activists who demonstrate their own short-sightedness and sense of urgency (and futility) to save someone’s unwanted fetus for their own personal glory. Meanwhile, the Justice workers strive to ensure access to family planning services, abortion services, childcare, early education, fair housing, job training and an environmentally sound world.

This election season illustrated the folly of those who claim to be prolife Republicans. Their platform preached to the choir about their views on abortion while ignoring the bigger picture that illustrates the multitude of reasons women choose abortion like poverty, too many kids, not the right time to have a child, not the right person with which to share parenting responsibilities. Some of their cronies, with seriously offensive and deeply disturbing comments about contraception and abortion, illustrated how out of touch they are with women.

In particular, the Romney/Ryan duo surely showed the nation how they would expect privatized Charity workers to throw crumbs at those who were unable to resolve their social problems or were too lazy to achieve the American Dream like they did with government support.  Meanwhile, these two rich guys would dismantle the very infrastructure of Justice, AKA, Planned Parenthood, Social Security, Affordable Care Act, public education, the EPA, the FDA and other institutions.Their worship of corporatism— whether through direct handouts, corporate bailouts, eminent domain, licensing laws, antitrust regulations, or environmental edicts — inflicts a measurable degree of harm on Americans. For example, the fact that measurable levels of hundreds of corporate manufactured chemicals are routinely found in the bodies of all Americans, including newborns sheds a sinister light on their shiny prolife platform.

Fortunately, despite the blitz of propaganda and outright lies, Americans were able to see the deceptions and malevolent intentions of the anti life, pro corporations Romney/Ryan team and told them to go back home.

And best of all, the global news media shared a huge sigh of relief when learning that Obama was re-elected. Across the world, there was a collective Phew! I agree.