Abortion Conversation Project

Abortion Conversation Project

The Abortion Conversation Project was founded in 2000 to address the problems created by the stigma surrounding abortion. Originally, the ACP was the 501(c)(3) sister foundation to the National Coalition for Abortion Providers, a lobbying and trade organization for several hundred independent abortion providers. In July of 2008, both organizations joined forces to form the Abortion Care Network, a 501(c)(3) not for profit that expanded the abortion care community around independent providers and harnessed the energy generated by our “open and honest” conversations.

In the first 8 years of its existence, ACP created several initiatives that addressed the abortion stigma.   They helped bring together researchers, mental health professionals, clergy, and providers to discuss the issue of post abortion emotional health. From these meetings came greater attention to the real needs of women post abortion and to assessing risk factors women may have for poor outcomes. Eager to accommodate abortion clinics that desired better assessment tools and intervention strategies, they created Healthy Coping After an Abortion.  In addition, the ACP became an essential resource for clinic staff and patients.

Another initiative was the Mom, Dad I’m Pregnant project which resulted in a website www.momdadimpregnant.org and two handouts, one for parents and one for the young people involved in an unintended pregnancy. The Abortion Conversation Project sponsored “Abortion Conversations”in Texas, Florida, and the Northwest (2005-2007) in an effort to create a space where providers and prochoice allies, including clergy, activists, academics, students, and health professionals, could come together to talk openly and honestly about abortion. They found that people needed to understand each other’s work and perspectives in a tolerant atmosphere where people can ask questions without risk.

8 Responses to “ACP”

  1. Linda Says:

    That is an informative site


  2. Cat Says:

    Love this site!


  3. Virgil Weisiller Says:

    Loving the info on this web site , you have done great job on the articles .

    Abortion is such an important topic.
    I really appreciate the post on Abortion!


  4. Jeremy Says:

    I like the ACP site as well.


  5. Thurod Says:

    We need more honest conversation.


    1. Pat Richards Says:

      The ACP is an amazing organization. It is really the ONLY pro-choice group that is willing to talk honestly about abortion. Heck, they are one of the few left that actually has the word ABORTION in their organization’s title. And they know that “choice” is a nice, warm phrase but it does not capture the essence of abortion, which is one of those “choices”. The more we run away from the word, the more we dig ourselves a hole. That’s why the ACP suggests that we need an “honest conversation about abortion” in this country…


  6. Pat Richards Says:

    I just ran across this great link which is a compilation of the “voices” of women who have had abortions. Anti-abortion zealots pretend to know what women are thinking. Well, let’s let the women speak for themselves:



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