Abortion Book

Abortion Book

Doctor Susan Wicklund is a long time abortion provider who is one of the most visible abortion providers in the country.  She has been an outspoken, tell it like it is advocate for women who are seeking abortions.

When she was in her early 20s she became pregnant. She ultimately had an abortion but it was very unpleasant experience.  Determined to make sure other women had a better experienced, she ultimately earned a medical degree.  Today, she is the owner of the Mountain Country Women’s Clinic in Livingston, Montana.

Over the years, Doctor Wicklund and her family were the targets of anti-abortion extremists who mentally tortured her for years.  She was the target of numerous protests at her home, stalked in airports, subjected to late night anonymous phone and other anti-abortion terrorist activities.  Still, she persevered.  Indeed, she became more outspoken about her work, testifying before Congress, holding press conferences, encouraging other doctors to join her in her field.

Her main goal, however, is to help de-stigmatize the abortion process.  “We don’t talk about it,” she once said in an interview.”  “People say, ‘Nobody I know has ever had an abortion,’ and that is just not true. Their sisters, their mothers have had abortions.”  “Because it is such a secret,” she said, “we lose sight of how common it is.”

Doctor Wicklund acknowledges that abortion is a difficult issue.  In her book, she describes witnessing, as a medical student, the abortion of a 21-week fetus and said that the sight of its tiny arm she decided she would perform abortions only in the first trimester of pregnancy.  She says late-term abortions should be legal, but her decision means she occasionally sees desperate women she must refuse to help.

Doctor Sue Wicklund is one of the true heroines of the abortion provider movement.

22 Responses to “Dr. Wicklund”

  1. Harvey L Says:

    Fantastic Women,
    Fabulous book.


    1. Lisa Says:

      Just read the book.


      God Bless Dr. Wicklund and the terrorism she has endured.


    2. Angela Says:

      Dr. Wicklund is the best!


    3. Christine Says:

      Another Hero in the fight for Women’s Rights!


      1. Svetlana Says:

        Microsoft is desperately trniyg to convince everybody that they got it right with Vista and that this OS is what we all need, but investing $300 millions in an advertising campaign won’t help much, Microsoft new campaign is dead on arrive, because it is trniyg to break down the walls (Life Without Walls), but you can have Windows without a wall that stand it.


  2. Pat Richards Says:

    Susan Wicklund is an amazing, unassuming women. She continues to quietly serve women in Livingston, Montana. She has also become a national spokesperson for the abortion provider community. She serves on the board of directors for the Abortion Care Network. For many years, her life was pure hell, as documented in the book. But she stood up to the terrorists, most of them have disappeared and she continues the cause….


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hope she provides care for the mental health issues suffered by the post abortive women she “cares” for, and informs them of the increased risk of breast cancer following abortion.


    1. Linda Says:

      Just a lie, show the the facts?


  4. Terry S Says:

    stop spreading false lies.

    It has been well established that is untrue.

    If you cannot make a point without lying then do not bother you idiot.


  5. Terry S Says:

    Dr. Wicklund is a wonderful person.


  6. Cristie Says:

    A wonderful, and a wonder author on this most important issue of Abortion.


    1. Pat Richards Says:

      She is an amazing person, Cristie. Right now, she is out there in Montana serving women, always living with the fear that her next moment could be her last. Can you imagine working under such circumstances?


      1. John Dunkle Says:

        “always living with the fear that her next moment could be her last” — I watched on “The
        Sopranos” living like that!


        1. Patricia Says:

          I don’t understand what you wrote in your comment.


      2. Patricia Says:

        Dr. Wicklund was my doctor until I moved,
        And she was the best doctor that has ever taken care of me.


  7. anonymous Says:

    One day I decided to watch random youtube videos. The videos for “Abortion, Morality, and the Liberation of Women” Dr. WIcklund inspired me in that video. I truly fight to get rid of the stigma and to make people proud to support abortion, admit if they had one, and let others know that they do not regret it.
    She’s inspired me and I hope to reach out to even more people to help inspire them.

    If we do not openly counter the anti-abortion side and speak just as loud and proud (but without the terrorism, lies, and emotional blackmail) then our voices will not be heard, and laws restricting or banning our rights will be passed.

    We should all be loud and proud on this.


    1. Pat Richards Says:

      I totally agree with you, anonymous. Doctor Wicklund has been a true inspiration for years. She and her family suffered so much! But she hung in there and now has her own clinic.

      And, yes, we need to keep speaking up. We pro-choicers particularly need to start using the “A” word more, we need to stop apologizing!


    2. Cary Says:

      Dr. Wicklund was my Doctor years ago, she was fantastic.


      1. Pat Richards Says:

        Glad to hear it, Cary. It was always interesting to me working with these doctors. Some of them were wonderful over a lunch or something, but then – like all doctors – their bedside manner could leave much to be desired. I always got the sense that Sue was not just nice over lunch, but in person with her patients…..


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Anti-abortionists should never use hate, lies, or terrorism. I am anti-abortion. I don’t believe that killing an unborn baby is morally, religiously, or ethically defensible. But that doesn’t give one side or the other of the issue to act improperly. I can only say this, please don’t kill anymore babies.



    1. Sadly, most anti abortionists cannot help themselves. They are misinformed, undereducated, unable to be critical thinkers, and solidly unwilling to accept that millions of women do not agree with them.


  9. Jovencitas Says:

    I totally agree with you, anonymous. Doctor Wicklund has been a true inspiration for years. She and her family suffered so much! But she hung in there and now has her own clinic


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