Methotrexate abortions are another option for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies.

Since 1993, physicians have offered methotrexate abortions in combination with misoprostol to induce early abortions.  Although no standardized protocol has been established, typically a woman receives an injection of methotrexate and about three to seven days later, the physician will give her misoprostol, either orally or vaginally. Generally, 60% of women will abort within 24 hours and 70-80% of women will abort within 3 weeks.  Some will take longer and may need additional doses of misoprostol.  However, studies have shown that oral methotrexate in pill form works as well as the injectable form for an early abortion.

Methotrexate abortions work by stopping the ongoing implantation process that occurs during the first several weeks after conception.  It may also affect attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall. Misoprostol is the second drug used in this regimen which causes uterine contractions that expel the embryo.

By using methotrexate abortions, women can typically avoid the use of surgical instruments and anesthesia when terminating their pregnancies.  Evidence-based alternatives have allowed home administration of misoprostol which may offer women more privacy.  Other advantages are that it can be used to treat a pregnancy outside of the uterus (an ectopic pregnancy) and women who have used it report that it resembles a “natural miscarriage.” Methotrexate abortions are safe and ultimately as effective as other forms of medical abortion.

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53 Responses to “Methotrexate Abortion”

  1. anna Says:

    How much cost??? I need prescription? ???


  2. Tammy Says:

    I am 5weeks 3 days…I took 10x 2.5mg methotrexate today. Should I take more?
    I have 8 Arthrotec tabs with 200mcg in each. Which I’m supposed to take in 24 hrs post methotrexate.
    Advice on how to continue?


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