In order to create a harmonious environment to discuss Abortion Care we must follow some very simple guidelines, that should be very easy to follow:

1) Only respectful and courteous commentaries will be allowed.

2) You must be 18 or over to post. If you desire to express you opinion, please have your parents or guardian post.

3) Profanity is not allowed.

4) Threats of any nature are not allowed

5) Abortion Providers may be found simply at sites like

138 Responses to “Abortion Commenting”

  1. I love reading these articles because they’re short but informative.


  2. Ali Yousuff Says:

    Abortion, what is it ?
    Webster’s dictionary defines abortion as the: ‘expulsion of a non-viable fetus during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy ‘. Remember that, in the abortion performed today, the abortionists induce the expulsion of a viable fetus, or in other terms kill the living fetus to bring him/her down. What is the stand of the Qur’an on the abortion issue ? Let us find out. ABORTION NO IFS AND BUTS‏……


  3. 2458apple Says:

    Wish I could say more. I just wanted to put out there that my daughter, who was born 3 months early, actually fought for her life and I saw little 22 – 24 weekers doing the same thing. Fighting for their lives. Um isn’t there a chance that these babies who are inside the womb during an abortion are trying to hang onto life during an abortion? I mean they are babies and God did give us humans the instinct to hang onto life when our lives are threatened. Even if these babies may not know what is going on, they still have that instinct.


  4. How do you find separate blogs on WordPress with keyword or search?


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