19 Responses to “Pregnancy Test”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I think most the offices at
    offer free pregnancy tests.

    Pregnancy tests in the store can be very expensive!


    1. Pat Richards Says:

      That’s true, Carrie, they do. But women should know that many anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers also offer free tests to “lure” women into their facilities.


      1. July Says:

        Those CPCs are mills that lie and steal from women the right to chose their own destiny!


        1. tina Says:

          The CPC mills should be illegal. Real doctors at offices at Abortion.com often offer pregnancy tests for free.


          1. Claudia Says:

            So they can do an abortion!


      2. Belice Says:

        Where do I find a reliable pregnancy test?


        1. Pat Richards Says:

          Any drug store carried them, Belice….but just dont rely on one test. Do it a few times to be sure.


          1. Belice Says:



          2. Carolyn Says:

            I find the pregnancy tests in the stores very accurate, they just cost a lot!


            1. Sosa Says:

              Also, just to show that nothing’s chaengd since the 2008 cycle, someone at the American Spectator (this cycle it’s Aaron Goldstein) is Governor Romney’s position on abortion as one of convenience rather than conviction. Three points on this, especially since I’m now late in getting ready to go to our Presbyterian church, and you know every Presbyterian pastor has to have three points:1. Mr. Goldstein is really willing to consign babies to taxpayer-funded slaughter (Mayor Giuliani’s stated position) simply because the politician espousing that position is, you think, more authentic? Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is an old saw, but this time, it’s the reality.2. If Mr. Goldstein is against politicians who change their minds on abortion, I trust he also disdains President Reagan, who signed the most liberal abortion law in the country as governor of California, among many other examples.3. Governor Romney’s pro-life conversion was anything but convenient in left-wing Massachusetts, not to mention in the subsequent GOP primaries, where so many of his supposed allies have tried to eat him alive. More importantly his actions in light of his conversion including vetoing embryonic stem-cell research show there was and is conviction behind it.


  2. Mary Says:

    Thank you, this link got me affordable medical care for a pregnancy test and abortion.


    1. Elly Says:

      I just went to an office near me that I found on Abortion.com and they gave me a free pregnancy test. The pregnancy test came out positive, and they counseled me on everything from Abortion to Adoption.

      I went to CPC, all they did was lie to me, except for the pregnancy test!


      1. Pat Richards Says:

        The CPCs, Elly, have one goal – to talk you out of an abortion. The clinics listed on http://www.abortion.com will not try to influence your decision in any way. They will discuss your options and then it’s up to you.


  3. anonymous Says:

    I’m very scared. I’m only 17 and I can’t have kids. I just can’t. I want to be a doctor (an abortion doctor…lol) and I need to be able to focus on work and school. I also have health issues (genetic and very strong with women on my maternal side) that make pregnancy difficult, painful, and life threatening.
    I live in a state I need parental consent, and my parents are against abortion.

    I am supposed to get my period in two days (I have a very weird 40 day cycle) but still I’ve been scared that this might be happening to me.

    I’m young but I’m not bad. I’ve only had sex with one person and only after we dated for three years. I don’t party or drink or use drugs or smoke.

    We had protected sex, but before we found a place willing to sell us condoms we had to rely on the pull out method. One time it didn’t actually work out, and even though the law is 17+ for plan b there was no place I was able to get to that sold it or was willing to sell it (I don’t drive and didn’t have an ID, my bf is canadian and they didn’t accept his passport or native card)

    If that one time resulted in me getting pregnant I have no idea what I can do. I’m at a complete loss, I’ve lost sleep, cried randomly and shut myself in my room at times.

    I cannot handle this. The worst part is that I know my family and friends and community will judge me for this.

    I do not at all regret having sex, I do regret the risk and inability to access emergency contraception.

    I know that my parents had sex at a younger age than I did, I know they had sex with more than just one person even before meeting each other. I know they have never waited until 3 years in a relationship to have sex. I know logically they have no place to judge me.
    But I know they will.
    I’m scared and alone I have no idea what to do, and even if I could get a secret abortion, I have no money nor any way to travel to an abortion clinic. During the day I babysit my 3 year old siblings while doing my school work and filling out applications to get a job.
    My mom comes home around 5:30 at which time I am responsible for the other two brothers as well as the twins. Around 7 I have about 2 hours of free time before chores have to be done.
    Weekends are filled with chores and constant supervision. There is literally nothing I can do, at all.


    1. Shelly Says:

      Do you have access to a phone?

      What state do you live in?

      You can call Planned Parenthood or NAF for non biased information.


      1. anonymous Says:

        I live in Oklahoma. I’m not sure where my phone is at this time, haven’t for a couple days.
        I’m not sure what any information could do for me, I can’t access it financially or physically.


  4. Ian Faustini Says:

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  5. Cherry Says:

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  6. Jon Says:

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