This one is too good to be true.

It seems that a bunch of anti-abortion folks are suing an abortion rights group for posting online private, confidential contact information of anti-abortion advocates who protest or offer abortion alternatives at local abortion clinics.

Yep, I’m not making this up.  An attorney named Steven Tiedemann has filed three suits in Federal and State Court against “Voice of Choice,” its founder Todd Stave and its current director Wendy Robinson.   Attorney Tiedemann represents anti-abortion people who allegedly have been “injured” by VOC’s “Bully List,” which lists abortion clinic protestors, complete with their photo, their personal address, email address and phone numbers.

Can you believe this crap?  I mean, let’s go back in time for a second here. 

Remember in the 1990’s when a guy named Neal Horsley created something called the “Nuremberg Files,” which was a compilation of names, pictures, etc. of abortion doctors, clinic staff and other pro-choice leaders?   Some called it a “hit list” and, indeed, whenever a doctor on the list was murdered, Horsley put a red “x” through that doctor’s picture.  Nice, huh?    

Remember years ago when anti-abortion activists would stand outside the clinics and write down the license plates of the doctors, staff and even the patients and, armed with that information, went down to the local Department of Motor Vehicles and legally retrieved the home addresses of those parties?  Then, that information was put on flyers, copied a few thousand times and distributed throughout the anti-abortion network in that town.   A short while later, staff and patients received death threats at their very home or, worse, the protestors wound up on their front yard. 

And in the case of Todd Stave, one of the defendants in the suit, the antis actually picketed the school that his daughter attended and the office of Stave’s landlord.     

So, now Stave is fighting back and the antis are whining about it. 

The lawsuit alleges that “the clear purpose of VOC is to mount a harassing calling/email campaign against those listed as ‘Bullies.’”   The suits allege that VOC, Robinson and Stave encourage and provide instructions to their followers to call and email anti-abortion protesters repeatedly in order to halt the anti-abortion protests. 

Geez, I wonder where Todd learned how to do this? 

Go get ‘em, Todd.