epa05623004 Nico, a rescue dog who belongs to Sharon French, of Cambridge, waits as his owner casts her ballot at the Lexington Avenue Fire House in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 08 November 2016. Americans vote on Election Day to choose the 45th President of the United States of America to serve from 2017 through 2020. EPA/LISA HORNAK
A dog waited as his owner cast her ballot.

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment that would have allowed Massachusetts to exclude abortion services from state-funded health care did not collect enough support by a deadline this week to advance to the next step of the process, according to the treasurer of the ballot group.

“We just didn’t get enough signatures,” said Robert Aufiero of the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions. “People are disappointed, but they are not discouraged.”

As a result of a 1981 Supreme Judicial Court decision, Massachusetts is one of 17 states in the country where state-funded abortions are allowed.

A coalition that supports abortion rights, including Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and the state ACLU cheered the reported demise of the effort.

“We are gratified that our founding document will not be undermined by a small group of people trying to force their dangerous agenda on the women of the Commonwealth,” they said in a statement.


One Response to “An effort to ban state-funded abortion services didn’t get enough signatures”

  1. People are too level-headed in Massachusetts to fall for the so-called “pro-lifer” grift.


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