Planned Parenthood escorts in St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo: Courtesy of Flickr/biodork

Following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election, reproductive rights are threatened now more than ever. Donald Trump wants to appoint an anti-choice judge to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade and his running mate Mike Pence has waged war on a woman’s right to choose as governor of Indiana.

If you’re pro-choice and looking for a tangible way to fight back, one of the things you can do is volunteer to be an abortion-clinic escort, and help women feel safer as they might walk past anti-choice protesters on their way into the building. Planned Parenthood wrote on Tumblr that you can visit their volunteer page, where they list currently available volunteer opportunities, or call your local health centerdirectly to see what its specific needs are. You can also join the organization’s broader Clinic Defender program, where they will ask you “to bring national attention to local fights, empowering local organizers and activists to make a real impact.” Either way, you’ll be helping women get the care they need.