A congressman is facing some well-earned backlash after a recent statement about abortion shocked even his most pro-life supporters. Idaho Senator Bob Nonini is currently running in the state’s lieutenant governor race, and during a panel hosted by CrossPolitic on April 2, Nonini suggested the death penalty should be considered as punishment for women who have an abortion.

“There should be no abortion, and anyone who has an abortion should pay,” the senator said according to the Associated Press. When moderators pressed him on the matter and asked if he considered the death penalty a possible punishment, Nonini reportedly nodded in agreement.

After news of his controversial statement broke, Nonini and his campaign seemed to be scrambling. Now, Nonini is claiming he never nodded in agreement to the suggestion of the death penalty – but is maintaining his staunchly pro-life stance. “Since abortion is murder, I believe we should consider penalties for individuals involved in these procedures,” Nonini said in a statement following the panel.

Ultimately, the senator suggested there was a flaw in the fact that women have never been prosecuted for having abortions. “Prosecutions have always been focused on the abortionist,” he said. Adding, “There is no way a woman would go to jail let alone face the death penalty. The statute alone, the threat of prosecution, would dramatically reduce abortion. That is my goal.”

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/news/Idaho-Senator-Suggests-Death-Penalty-Abortion-Punishment-44722281?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=post&utm_campaign=frontdoor