If Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signs HB 1851 into law, Washington joins California, New Jersey, and others in shoring up reproductive rights.
 Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Washington’s latest abortion protections will not only help pregnant people in the state but also the thousands who travel to the Evergreen State for care.

While many states are scrambling to protect abortion legislation for a post-Roe America, Washington is taking their commitment even further.

HB 1851 updates the state’s Reproductive Privacy Act to include gender-neutral language and include physician’s assistants, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and other authorized abortion providers. Washington state voters approved the RPA in 1991,

The state legislature passed HB 1851 last week. The bill will also expand the right to have and provide abortions with protections against Texas SB 8-style penalties for assisting someone seeking an abortion as well as any pregnancy outcomes.

This isn’t just good news for Washingtonians—it’s also going to protect the hundreds of thousands of people from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and more who regularly travel to the state for abortion care.

If Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signs the bill into law, Washington joins California, New Jersey, and more in shoring up protections for reproductive rights as other states prepare to revoke those same rights once Roe v. Wade falls.

“When HB 1851 is signed into law by Governor Inslee, it means Washington will keep doing our part in the national fight to protect access. As access to abortion is potentially removed for millions of patients, we will be here to take them in,” Courtney Normand, Washington state director of Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocate, said, according to the Stranger.

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